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I am watching Angel Beats! and wow, I can't get over it. It's so pretty and pastel and then all of a sudden, there's blood everywhere. I think it's great 'cause I've been avoiding watching the anime for so long. I thought it'd be a regular high school anime without anything that'd keep me interested. 

....So, I was wrong. I'm quite pleased to be so. 

Uhm, right now I'm only three episodes in out of thirteen so all I can say is I'm loving a lot of the main characters and the plot so far is catching my attention. I want to know more about their world so bad.

And by the time I'm home from the holiday, I'll have 3 weeks of telly to catch up on which is pretty nice. Even if I may not get round to it until I move to uni. Speaking of, actually getting into uni is proving more difficult than expected. It'd be easier if I wasn't in such an awkward timezone right now, but at this rate, nothing's going to happen.

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