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Heh, I'm quitting the numbering posts idea I had when I started this journal 'cause its not really doing anything, but I'm not going to go back and edit the previous entries. Or, at least, I'm going to try and stop myself from doing it.

In more interesting news, I officially move out tomorrow. And I'm only the tiniest bit freaked out -- I want to curl up in a ball and I'm not letting myself do that, which, progress. On the other hand I'm still not finished packing and I keep taking breaks to baby talk at the dog.

So I was going to re-read one of my all time works in the hockey fandom, and I was bemoaning how I wanted 50k of it and how it felt like there wasn't enough of it before I checked the total word count. Over 40k! I'm shutting up now and re-reading it in my corner while I pack.

her journey bright and pure by visionshadows
Sidney Crosby is not a man. A non-chronological look at Sidney's life being transgender.

The fic doesn't hold Sid or Geno on a pedestal through the various points in their lives, but rather lets their mistakes adjust their point of view. I'm hooked, and I really hope the 'verse goes on forever. Also somewhere there's a similar fic with Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane that I love just as much, I'll find it shove it in a later post. 
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