Aug. 20th, 2013

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What. I can't comprehend this at all, it's far too weird for me right now. I mean, I am going to be spending the next four years of my life thinking about engineering. Willingly. 

Also, I've still got to apply for accommodation at this point because the system wouldn't let me until results came out. Which, yeah, there's less than a month til I start uni so I'd like to get on that pretty fast. But it's 10.30pm/4.30am depending on where my body clock is right now (having a holiday in Florida :D), so I'm going to go nap-nap. And apply for somewhere to live tomorrow. 

* this felt like a three exclamation point moment; it's only taken me 5 days to confirm the place. and now all i've gotta do is apply for accommodation and try not to flunk out. elementary icon because a. i've only just got more than one icon up so let's use them and b. sherlock = thinking things in my mind, and so does uni. 

also: i'm going to uni ((((((:

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