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Heyoooh, it's me again. You're probably thinking, "not more about the music community again, ugh" or something similar, right? Well cheer up dude, 'cause this time it's more exciting than that! It's time to find out who might be interested in posting something!

[community profile] listenhere, the new music reccing community on dreamwidth

Please note:
Genres may be covered more than once by different people, as long as we're not getting two identical posts. No doubt there will be some overlap, but let's try and avoid that as much as we can, yeah? Bands cannot be covered by more than one post; however additional related recs are awesome. For example, Avenged Sevenfold member Brian Haner has a side band which released one album (Pinkly Smooth). If one person were to briefly mention Pinkly Smooth in their post about Avenged Sevenfold but you feel there's more to say and you believe it deserves its own post then go ahead, make one. If a person recs The Blues Brothers and your favorite song or album wasn't mentioned, that's a job for the comment section.

Comment below with anything you'd like to see covered or you'd like to do yourself. This is purely a register your interest post. This post will be edited in about half an hour with a banner and pimping code so you can invite people on your journal or comm you think might be interested. We are go! The code for the banner is below.

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