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A quick update on telly I've watched over the past couple of days, and telly I want to watch sometime.

I watched the pilot of Agents of SHIELD tonight (ten minutes ago, actually), and I quite liked it. I have to admit to wishing it was a bit more serious and intense but I enjoyed the jokes and I think the show will be better as time goes on. The first episode was good, but I didn't really connect with the plotline, I think because it was over and done with very fast. I'm hoping for more next week, but I loved the cast so far.

Sleepy Hollow aired last week, and it rocked! However I can't find a working stream link to the second episode right now, so that's a bummer. The show blew my wee socks off though so I'm looking forward to watching it as soon as possible before I have to block it on tumblr for spoilers. I do that with so many shows now.

Hopefully I will manage to see the new season of Two Broke Girls and Suits as they air, because they're favourites of mine. I've also got seasons one and two of both Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy on dvd to watch, along with The Pacific and Merlin (up to season four). Then there's the contents of my external harddrive and whatever my mum has bought on iTunes. So I don't think finding things to watch will be complicated for the next few months. 

In any other real life news, I think I am pretty sorted at uni as long as I get my homework done tomorrow and figure out my timetable a little better. I know I'm behind on commenting on people's entries, but my plans for tonight involve hockey fanfic and possibly some Sean Lock stand-up. I'll catch up with everyone tomorrow night, if I'm still awake enough to make any sense. 
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