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HEY-- this is the journal of Gemma (aka northsky), and you're welcome to friend and defriend at will. If you want to chat a bit first and get to know me, here might be the place you want to do it. I don't know what else to say, so below is a quick overview of my fandoms and where else to find me online. 

tv |  
the following, teen wolf, under the dome, the fosters, doctor who, game of thrones, vikings, graceland, shameless, suits, elementary, hemlock grove, spartacus, the fosters,
anime |  ao no exorcist, fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood, angel beats!, blood lad, free!, deadman wonderland, death note, devil may cry, no.6, 
misc |  nhl hockey, bandom, various films

authors | trudi canavan, george r r martin, brent weeks, markus heitz
music | rock, alternative, pop and anything inbetween. also a soft spot for jazz and country.
movies | dark knight/dark knight rises, lord of the rings/hobbit, marvel and dc films, reboot star trek, old western films, animated films, action/thriller/psychological films, documentaries and history films. 

social media:
tumblr | northsky-- used mostly for reblogging, not particularly interesting
myanimelist | northsky-- recording my anime watching habits, nothing else. sporadically updated. 
trakt | northsky-- for keeping track of my tv tastes and where I'm up to in series. 
delicious | milkovich-- brief fic recs
+ you're welcome to ask for my imessage/whatsapp/lineapp if we get to talking. 
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