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I have discovered that nothing about freshers week interests me at all, and I really don't want to go. I can't decide if that's bad or not, but clubbing really isn't my thing and I'll still go to the induction day and the activities/clubs fair (if I can remember when it is), but otherwise I've no interest in anything being put on. Rather looking forward to classes though, so I hope we get more information about that soon.

I made my music community, [community profile] listenhere, which is pretty much ready to go! Pimp, post, comment on the posts that are already there-- whatever! I'll try and find some people willing to make posts soon and I'll probably write something up in a couple of days too. Anyone else that wants to get involved in the more mod-ish/admin side of the community are welcome to comment below saying so.

Recent things in fandom:
  • a bite off center is about to collect works in a week, and posting begins in ten days! There are a couple prompts that I was interested in, so I hope they were claimed. TEEN WOLF RARE PAIRS!(!!!!!) Why is this a thing that applies to most pairings in Teen Wolf, why? 
  • I think I might try writing hockey rpf? However that requires research and planning and people to hand hold, so maybe not. The idea I have is quite big and mature, so I'm not sure I'm the right person to write it. 
  • A new Harry Potter film was announced, and I've heard talk of people not being too excited for it. J K Rowling is supposed to be writing the screenplay for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and she's reportedly really excited for the project. I'm quite excited, Harry Potter has never been one of my all time favourite books but I enjoy the franchise and more of it is not going to be a bad thing I expect, unless they botch the film completely. 
Other than that, the weather is bad here and I need to buy decent food. Later, I'm going to go icon hunting because I don't like some of mine any more.
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Heh, I'm quitting the numbering posts idea I had when I started this journal 'cause its not really doing anything, but I'm not going to go back and edit the previous entries. Or, at least, I'm going to try and stop myself from doing it.

In more interesting news, I officially move out tomorrow. And I'm only the tiniest bit freaked out -- I want to curl up in a ball and I'm not letting myself do that, which, progress. On the other hand I'm still not finished packing and I keep taking breaks to baby talk at the dog.

So I was going to re-read one of my all time works in the hockey fandom, and I was bemoaning how I wanted 50k of it and how it felt like there wasn't enough of it before I checked the total word count. Over 40k! I'm shutting up now and re-reading it in my corner while I pack.

her journey bright and pure by visionshadows
Sidney Crosby is not a man. A non-chronological look at Sidney's life being transgender.

The fic doesn't hold Sid or Geno on a pedestal through the various points in their lives, but rather lets their mistakes adjust their point of view. I'm hooked, and I really hope the 'verse goes on forever. Also somewhere there's a similar fic with Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane that I love just as much, I'll find it shove it in a later post. 
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What. I can't comprehend this at all, it's far too weird for me right now. I mean, I am going to be spending the next four years of my life thinking about engineering. Willingly. 

Also, I've still got to apply for accommodation at this point because the system wouldn't let me until results came out. Which, yeah, there's less than a month til I start uni so I'd like to get on that pretty fast. But it's 10.30pm/4.30am depending on where my body clock is right now (having a holiday in Florida :D), so I'm going to go nap-nap. And apply for somewhere to live tomorrow. 

* this felt like a three exclamation point moment; it's only taken me 5 days to confirm the place. and now all i've gotta do is apply for accommodation and try not to flunk out. elementary icon because a. i've only just got more than one icon up so let's use them and b. sherlock = thinking things in my mind, and so does uni. 

also: i'm going to uni ((((((:

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I am watching Angel Beats! and wow, I can't get over it. It's so pretty and pastel and then all of a sudden, there's blood everywhere. I think it's great 'cause I've been avoiding watching the anime for so long. I thought it'd be a regular high school anime without anything that'd keep me interested. 

....So, I was wrong. I'm quite pleased to be so. 

Uhm, right now I'm only three episodes in out of thirteen so all I can say is I'm loving a lot of the main characters and the plot so far is catching my attention. I want to know more about their world so bad.

And by the time I'm home from the holiday, I'll have 3 weeks of telly to catch up on which is pretty nice. Even if I may not get round to it until I move to uni. Speaking of, actually getting into uni is proving more difficult than expected. It'd be easier if I wasn't in such an awkward timezone right now, but at this rate, nothing's going to happen.

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